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My petition.

Today our teacher told us to visit CHANGE.ORG because of that as a filipino  I have realized that there are so many things that may bother us , making a petition means you are free to express your thougts or feelings

My 1st petition was all about saving dogs because they are not food .We must protect and take care them.

My second petition was about saving our co-filipino who was arrested because of drugs ,she is just a victim and we must help her.

And lastly my 3rd petition was about conserving our own island and it is Boracay island which is located at the Philippines.


HBW pen!

Before g-tech ,faber castle and panda trend ,there is a pen that is most useful. It is just simple, its tip is not that pointed ,not that clear if you use it in writing .But it is the most ‘in’ before especially when I am in elementary. It is just 5 pesos not that expensive right? you can buy as many as you can. but now when people know that your pen is a HBW they will just tease you that you are poor . HBW is now out other expensive pen are now in.